Our history

Viti wine tours was born from our passion about french wines and gastronomy.

It all started in 2010.

In a sabatic year in France Pryscila Gashi, then working with marketing, decided to work with tourism.

In order to put her project in action, she took a formation in Tourism Management for two years. In this period she received her first clients and travelled throughout France, searching the best partners and places for her future clients. In January 2014, GIMTRAVEL started its operations in Southern France (Toulon); it was a company specialized in guided tours in France, for the Portuguese-speaking market.

After some time, the company moved to Lyon, French gastronomy capital, surrounded by famous wine producing regions such as Beaujolais, Burgundy and Rhône Valley. Thereafter her passion for wines and gastronomy has only increased, which motivated her to seek for constant improvement regarding technical knowledge in wine.

In 2016, realizing that her main demand in GIMTRAVEL were food tours, wine tours, winery visits, a second brand was created: Viti Wine Tours - focused in showcasing French Gastronomy and Fine Wines.

Once again, Pryscila searched for another formation in the subject, through international diplomas in the wine world. To perfect this she also made strategic partnerships to better present the different French wine producing regions to her clients.

The Company

Based close to Lyon, the capital of french gastronomy, our team works day by day to find and show you the best of french wines and gastronomy.

Lyon : +33 641 67 41 75   |   São Paulo : +55 (11) 3230 75 75

FRENCH COMPANY (SIRET) :80000371700033



Pryscila Musso

Tourism expert &Sommelier | founder

Brazilian, former Advertising Professional and passionate for French culture, wines and gastronomy since the time she lived in Brazil. It was during a sabbatical year in France she decided to change her professional activity.

In order to prepare for this adventure, she took an MBA for two years in Toulon University and visited each wine producing region in France - this culturally rich country.

In 2013 GIMTRAVEL was created and after some years in activity, Viti Wine Tours was later launched. Certified WSET level 3 (Wine and Spirit Qualifications), she took yet another specialization in French Wines and Gastronomy at the Dijon Viticulture & Enotourism University Jules Guvot. Given that the wine world is a lifetime learning, she pursues constantly other formations and courses.

Leonardo Russo

Sommelier & Business developer

Leonardo Russo is a Sommelier and Business Developer for more than 10 years. He has worked with fine wines, craft beers, spirits and specialty coffee. Has an academic degree in Foreign Affairs with emphasis in Marketing and Business - as well as other relevant courses regarding these beverages - which allowed him to work in the hospitality industry in São Paulo (Brazil), Lyon (France), Rome (Italy) and London (England). His ability to communicate in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian enhances and facilitates the client's experience while developing close relationships with business partners.