FOOD TOUR | Vieux Lyon

The objective of this tour is to eat like a local!

We will take you to the best shops and cafes in downtown Lyon, as well as visit behind-the-scenes locations and hear fascinating stories about the gastronomy in Lyon and its traditions.

During our tour, we will have 3 authentic tastings.

Along the way, you can observe the banks of the Saône river and arrive at Vieux Lyon, where you will stroll through the old and medieval streets, discovering its "traboules" (hidden passageways) and stunning landmarks.

The final stop will be at a wine shop, where you can taste and learn more about the wine drunk in the region: Beaujolais and Rhône Valley.

Optional : INDOOR TOUR | Halles Paul Bocuse - available all round the year.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: starting from 75 euros per person.